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eTravel Unlimited Wants YOU!

Freedom of Choice!

In an ever-changing industry, why try and mold your business needs into a standard cookie-cutter IC program? We tailor our program to fit the needs of your business, allowing you the freedom the concentrate on your customers. If you’re serious and have the desire to grow your business, affiliate yourself with the company that works with you to increase your bottom line. Our affiliations include Vacation.com, eTravco, ARC, IATAN, and CLIA.

Technology Driven
eTravel Unlimited is an innovative, technologically driven, full-service travel agency.  We offer you comprehensive real-time booking capabilities, technologically advanced websites, extensive back-room tracking systems for commission payments and marketing opportunities along with personalized support, giving you the ability to do what you do best, servicing your customers.
Web-Based Booking Engine or GDS Access
No need to purchase or download software for booking capabilities.  You have a choice between a highly technological web-based booking engine through PowerAgent Net or an Apollo Galileo GTID for the experienced agent. No long term contracts or minimum sales quotas.

Preferred Suppliers
You have access to all eTravel Unlimited preferred supplier contracts, along with our contracts through our affiliation with Vacation.com and eTravco (formerly known as Five Star) for higher commission earnings.  You also have the ability to earn or maintain your IATAN and CLIA memberships.

Marketing Support
You can participate in highly targeted direct mail and email marketing opportunities to your customers for increased sales opportunities through our affiliation with Vacation.com.  You provide your customer list, place an order, and they do all the rest.  Your customers will receive beautiful, full-color preferred supplier specials with your contact information as the call to action.

Honeymoon and Gift Registry
Differentiate yourself from your competition.  You can offer your customers a complimentary Honeymoon or Gift Registry with any eTravel Unlimited vacation booking.  Your customers can have their own travel itinerary listed on their own registry page to receive monetary contributions from their family and friends that are applied towards their dream vacation.   Your customers can also add special amenities, sightseeing tours and excursions, spa treatments or upgrades to lavish accommodations.  The registry is an easy way to increase your sales while providing your customers with their dream vacation that they may not have been able to afford on their own.

Eliminate Unnecessary Overhead
You didn’t get into the travel business to do ARC reports, pay rent, maintain bonds, licenses and GDS contracts or deal with unproductive employees. If you’re an agency owner or inside sales agent, you can now move your business home, retain your customers and top producers and concentrate on what you do best.  Affiliate with us and increase your profitability.

Maximize Your Time
By affiliating with eTravel Unlimited, you can concentrate on your customers and build your business. Our program offers you complete control over the entire sales and marketing process.  It all results in increased loyalty and repeat business from happy customers.

Maintain Your Own Identity
As a home-based agent or agency, you retain your own identity with your customers.  You are considered a “self-employed” independent contractor for tax purposes, allowing you to take full advantage of all the tax benefits.

Secure Client List
Since you are an independent contractor, your customer list is your property and will not be used
or sold. You maintain control of your list and your marketing.

You are paid twice monthly and receive full accounting support to include commission tracking and payments, client and supplier payment processing, ARC processing, and credit card merchant processing.

Professional Liability Insurance
You will be named as an Independent Contractor on our corporate Professional Liability Policy for up to $1 million per year.

Marketing Exposure
The company directors are constantly researching different marketing avenues in order to get the eTravel Unlimited name noticed by the traveling public.  How does this impact you, the agent?  The more exposure, the greater the "comfort factor" on the part of your customers.  They will be more willing to deal with and agent who is part of a company whose name they can trust.  Click here to listen to a radio interview with one of the directors of eTravel Unlimited, Ken Preuss.  This is just one small example of how the directors are continually working towards obtaining greater name recognition.

Agent Support
Don’t get lost in the shuffle in those large host agencies.  You will receive personalized attention and support from eTravel Unlimited.  You will receive the latest up-to-date news and information to include supplier specials, FAM trips, workshops, seminars, conferences and other events from industry suppliers.   Plus, you’ll receive unlimited toll-free 888 telephone calls to our support staff during normal office hours and 24/7 support through electronic submission.

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to speak with one of our friendly corporate representatives to see if eTravel Unlimited is the right host agency for you.

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